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Chinese Checkers Game

A simple board game with hours of fun.


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This WOODEN CHINESE CHECKERS GAME is a fun, fast family game. Players may enjoy the company of up to 6 players with a quest to be  first across the board to home base to win.  The wooden chinese checkers game is of German origin in 1892,  2 to 6 players can play this game.    The name “Chinese Checkers”  was given to the game from USA in 1928.


Rules: The aim is to race all one’s pieces into the star corner on the opposite site of the board, before the opponents do the same.   Each player has 10 pieces (except when playing between 2 people then each player has 15 pieces.)

Viga is a brand  providing wooden educational and playtime toys that are safe, good quality, non toxic, value for money.  The factory complies with Australian and European toy safety standards.

Age guide: from 4 years.

Solid wood construction.



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