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Wooden Counting Stacker

Are you interested in finding good quality educational learning toys? We have a great range including this fabulous 56 piece wooden WOODEN COUNTING STACKER.



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You can use the WOODEN COUNTING STACKER in many different ways.

  • Practice counting and number recognition by following the numbers along the base
  • Stack the wooden counting discs on the upright posts
  • Match and learn colours
  • Visualise concepts such as on/off, up/down, taller/shorter
  • Make patterns on a flat surface or on the upright posts
  • Do simple addition by counting and matching the stacks
  • Progress to learning higher numbers by combining the removable pieces. Make 10 with the 1 and the 0 and 20 using the 2 and the 0.
  • Use long shoe laces and the discs to practice threading. Which patterns can you thread?

Your child will be having fun as they use the Counting Stacker. They will also be developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, manipulation and problem solving. Numeracy and language are also developing along with memory and concentration.

The WOODEN COUNTING STACKER has been painted with child friendly non toxic paint. It has been manufactured using quality wood and conforms to Australian Toy Standards.


AGE: 2 Years+

CONTAINS: 56 pieces

SIZE: 43cm x 12cm x 11cm



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