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Cuisenaire Rods 308 Piece Set

The Cuisenaire Rods 308 Piece Set makes maths learning tactile, fun and engaging. Use the blocks to make patterns, count, build creations or work out ratios!

Perfect for Ages 3 Years +  Can be used at home or at school or at an educational centre!

Sustainable, safe and great value for money!


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The Cuisenaire Rods 308 Piece Set is a learning tool to help your child with maths at every stage.  These tactile rods allow visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners to work out math answers by using the different coloured and sized blocks.

Cuisenaire rods (or numbers-in-colour) stemmed from the creator and Belgian teacher Georges Cuisenaire. He invented the rods as a visual mathematics teaching aid to make maths a more sensory, engaging experience. Teachers of past and present love the wooden rods, ranging from 1-10cm in lengths, as children can solve mathematical concepts hands-on. Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and division have never been so easy nor fun!

The Cuisenaire Rod set is crafted from sustainably sourced timber and non-toxic inks. The sturdy wooden tray has compartments perfect for each of the units, along with a perspex lid, making storage easy. It assists all styles of teaching including the Montessori system.

Affordable, high-quality and Australian made, every teacher, parent and grandparent needs the Cuisenaire Rods 308 Piece Set. Preschoolers, kindy students, primary or highschool children benefit from the Cuisenaire rods! Maximise your child’s learning potential today, by encouraging them to learn through play and hands-on teaching!

Extra Information

Each rod symbolises different units. The 308 Piece Set includes 176 White pieces, 6 Brown Pieces, 6 Blue Pieces, 6 Orange Pieces, 10 Yellow Pieces, 10 Dark Green Pieces, 10 Black Pieces, 36 Red Pieces, 36 Light Green Pieces and 12 Pink Pieces.

Recommended for Ages 3 Years +

Tray Size: 32.5cm (L) x 17.5cm (H) x 3.5cm (W)

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 17.5 × 3.5 cm

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