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Kaper Kidz Wooden Learn to Tie Shoelace

Can your child tie their own laces? Help them to learn with the KAPER KIDZ WOODEN LEARN TO TIE SHOELACE.


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It’s tricky for young children to learn how to tie their own shoelaces. The KAPER KIDZ WOODEN LEARN TO TIE SHOELACE Wolf Grey can make learning easier.

It provides a flat double sided surface giving your child the opportunity to manipulate and coordinate this difficult process.

Start the process by getting your child to undo a simple knot and then onto undoing a complete lace. Progress to practising threading and unthreading the lace through the shoe eyelets. This helps your child to become familiar with the feel of the lace and how they can manipulate it.


Children begin to learn “how to tie shoe laces around 5 to 7 years old”.  It takes strong fine motor skills, hand coordination and hand strength. Using finger isolation bilateral hand coordination visual perceptual skills. At this age they don’t necessarily know left from right. So use word choices that they understand:  loops, bunny ears, twist, know.

It takes a lot of patience andpractice, learn to try this when you aren’t rushed.  Try doing it maybe after school.  Its a very rewarding process to learn.KAPER KIDZ WOODEN LEARN TO TIE SHOELACE

Need some strategies for teaching your child? Have a look at these handy shoelace tying tips from Therapy Focus.

AGE: 3 Years+

SIZE: 20cm x 10cm x 1.5cm

All Kaper Kidz toys adhere to Australian Toy Standards. These KAPER KIDZ WOODEN LEARN TO TIE SHOELACE Wolf Grey have been made from plantation wood and painted in child friendly, non toxic paints.



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