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Rescue Helicopter Truck

Have a look at this unique wooden RESCUE HELICOPTER TRUCK. Comes complete with Air Ambulance Helicopter and a Fire Fighting Helicopter.



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Our wooden RESCUE HELICOPTER TRUCK is ready for any emergency! The bright yellow Truck has a detachable trailer and 2 x Rescue Helicopters.

The red fire fighting helicopter is needed for those hard to reach or out of control fires. Turn the rotor blades and it lifts off to drop water and save the bushland.

Can you see the Red Cross on the white helicopter? Start the engine and turn the rotors, we need to hurry and airlift a patient to hospital.

When the emergency is over, load the helicopters onto the trailer and head back to base.

Young children enjoy playing but they are also learning about their world as they play. They are exploring movement and distance when they play with vehicles. They are also developing motor skills, coordination, manipulation and social skills along with language and communication


AGE: 2 years+

SIZE: 30cm x 11cm x 7cm




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