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Sea Animal Wooden Castanet

Make the music of the sea with the Sea Animal Wooden Castanet!

For Ages 3 Years +


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Clap and tap the Sea Animal Wooden Castanet together to make rhythms and music.  Simply place the castanet in your hand and clap it to create a tapping sound.

Castanets improve grip and hand muscles, while encouraging the development of musical skills including creativity, rhythm, discovery and fine motor skills. Castanets can also relieve stress and encourage movement.


Each Sea Animal Wooden Castanet is crafted from non-toxic paints, natural wood and quality elastic. It ensures they will last for years.

There are three gorgeous designs – the coral Pink Octopus, the graceful Teal Turtle, and the playful Orange Fish.

Castanet designs will be chosen at random. If you have a preference, please leave a customer note and we will try to supply it as long as stocks last.


Recommended for Ages 3 Years +


We have a wide range of musical toys!

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

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