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The Complete Farmyard Playset

Very Limited Stock of this Australian-made, handcrafted Complete Farmyard Playset. Comes with free shipping.

For Ages 3 Years +




This Complete Farmyard Playset, a beautifully handcrafted wooden playset, is a perfect gift for children of all ages. This lovingly created masterpiece amazes little budding farmers with all its features and sections.

The Handmade Complete Farmyard Playset comes with a stable and yard, pig pen, duck pond, chicken coop, tractor shed and dog kennel. It features two stables, each with swinging gates, feeders and a water trough. There is also a complete yard with internal and external working gates, to shepherd all the farm stock in and out of. See the intricate details in the crisp blue water duck pond and the pig pen complete with a water trough, feeding trough and messy animal inhabitants.

The Complete Farmyard Playset is designed based off Australian farms. Children with dreams of running a farm will adore the Farmyard Playset. Take care of the cattle and change their pens, and then feed the ducks and watch the pigs roll around in the mud. Stimulate creativity, open-ended play and a greater understanding of the world with this Playset.

An Australian woodworker, who lives out in the country, proudly handcrafts these Farmyard Playsets.  He uses the highest quality wood, and makes the intricate wooden toys to meticulous quality standards. This once in a lifetime gift will last a lifetime, as it is of solid construction and extremely well made.


Recommended for Ages 3 Years +

Farmyard Size: 75cm x 60cm

Boxed Weight: 8kg


Please Note: These yards are handmade from available material. They can vary slightly in base colour and also in design from the pictures shown. Additionally, animals and figurines shown in the pictures are for display purposes only.

Please allow one week for dispatch email to be sent to you.

Free Shipping Available on this item. Gift Wrapping and Express Post not available on this item.


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Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 17 cm

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