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Chunky Wooden Fraction Puzzle

Teach your child maths in a fun way, with this colourful Chunky Wooden Fraction Puzzle! It makes fractions easy to understand.


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Introduce early fractions with this cute and colourful Chunky Wooden Fraction Puzzle. This set of five wooden fraction circles represents wholes, halves, thirds, quarters and fifths, and has the corresponding fraction written on each piece.

Fractions can be a difficult concept to understand, but this maths learning tool makes fractions visual and easy to work with. Pretend each circle is pie, and you have two, or four friends to share it with. Stack, take apart, compare and count each piece. Hands-on-learning makes maths and division fun, and makes firmer connections so children remember skills they have learnt.

Have fun and be a master of fractions with the Chunky Wooden Fraction Puzzle! It is made from high-quality wood and finished in vibrant, non-toxic paint. Preschools, grandparents and busy parents will love teaching with this puzzle.


Recommended for Ages 3 Years +

Size: 38cm (L) x 9.7cm (H) x 1.5cm (W)


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Dimensions 38 × 9.7 × 1.5 cm

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