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3 Horse Wooden Stables Playset

Each 3 Horse Wooden Stables Playset is handcrafted to order in Australia. Built to last generations and stimulates open-ended play.

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For Ages 3 Years +


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Our 3 Horse Wooden Stables Playset with Yard is a handmade wooden playset masterpiece that is perfect for horse lovers and budding equestrians. This once in a lifetime gift is promised to last a lifetime!

It features 3 Stables, each with their own swinging gates, yards and feeders.

Lead the horses out of the horse trailer and into the pens. Saddle them up, and ready them for practicing jumps, or walking into the competition arena. Then, wash down and lovingly brush the horses afterwards. This 3 Horse Wooden Stables Playset with Yard promotes pretend play skills development, as children re-enact real-life situations.

An Australian woodworker, who lives out in the country, proudly handcrafts the Wooden Stables Playset. He uses the highest calibre of wood, and makes the intricate wooden toys to meticulous quality standards. Your child, grandchild and great grandchild will fall in love with the cattle yard and stable playsets, and hand it down through generations.


Stables Playset Size: 30cm x 40cm.

Recommended for Ages 3 years +


Please Note: These handmade wooden toys made from available material. They can vary slightly in base colour and also in design from the pictures shown. Also, the animals and figurines in the pictures are for display purpose only.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


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