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Giant Wooden Log Toss Game

Our Giant Wooden Log Toss Game is the perfect family game! Throw the wooden chucks and knock over pins that add up to exactly 50 points.

For Ages 5-99 Years


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Looking for a fun outdoor activity that involves the whole family?   Our high-quality Giant Wooden Log Toss Game is a great traditional game that helps with coordination and even numeracy. Packaged in a wooden box with rope carry handles.   This impressive set consists of 12 wooden numbered pegs, rules and two wooden chucks, all contained inside a sturdy wooden box.

The aim of the game is to be the first one to get exactly 50 points – you need to do this by knocking the relevant pegs over by throwing the chuck (underarm only). But – watch out – if you knock more than one to the floor then you need to calculate your score based on how many pegs are toppled, instead of the number on top.

Things could get very interesting and competitive at your next family meet-up! Enjoy the fun outdoors!  Take the Giant Wooden Log Toss Game to the beach, a BBQ, a picnic, the backyard or on a camping trip.


Recommended for Ages 5 – 99 Years.

Box Size: 38.3cm x 19cm x 17cm

Peg height: 15cm.


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Dimensions 38.3 × 19 × 17 cm


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