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Jumbo Washable Chalk 24 Colour Pack

Play outdoors and get creative with our Jumbo Washable Chalk 24 Colour Pack. Contains 24 dust-free washable chalk pieces and 2 holders.

For Ages 1 Year +


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Jumbo Washable Chalk 24 Colour Pack. These chalks are perfect for the outdoors, works well for sidewalk hopscotch, sidewalk art or drawings on chalkboards. They are dust free and washable. Formulated to minimise sidewalk chalk dust. Contains 24 washable chalks (with marble pattern, dot pattern, rainbow pattern, spiral pattern), and 2 chalk holders to avoid dirtying hands . These Jumbo Washable Chalk 24 Colour Pack are packed in a handy plastic storage tub. Great fun for all ages. Perfect for the development of hand eye coordination skills.

Recommended for Ages 1 Years +






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