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Silky Washable Crayon 24 Colours Pack

The Silky Washable Crayon 24 Colours Pack are delightful to colour with and conveniently easy for busy parents to wash off clothing, skin and walls.

For Ages 12 Months +


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Silky Washable Crayon 24 Colours Pack are ideal for young children to use. The crayons glide across papers and are delightful to use.

Excellent fun for young children to use.¬† ¬†Packaged as a chunky tube crayon, you twist the end –¬† it is just like drawing with a lipstick, the colour just glides on smoothly! These are a combination “crayon, pastel and watercolour”, all easily cleaned up with water.

Your child can draw pictures, colour in, or paint their faces, it all disappears with water (even off clothes and painted walls!) – they are a lifesaver for mums.

Silky Washable Crayon 24 Colours Pack are nontoxic. An excellent gift idea that provides hours of colouring in fun for kids.

Recommended for Ages 12 Months +

Size: 11cm (l) x 11cm (w) x 15.5cm (h)

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