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Wooden Layer Chicken Puzzle

Discover about the lifecycle of a chicken with our Wooden Layer Chicken Puzzle! Has 4 layers and 28 pieces.

For Ages 3 Years +


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This Wooden Layer Chicken Puzzle shows the life cycle of a chicken from an egg in the straw nest then hatching out, pecking away at grain and grass and then into a mother hen sitting on eggs.

The puzzle consists of 4 layers stacked on top of each other each with its own unique shape for placement within the puzzle. Starting with the egg at the bottom, you can teach your child the order of which a chicken develops into a hen and producing lovely tasty eggs for brekkie.

The Wooden Layer Chicken Puzzle isĀ  perfect for little hands to grasp. Puzzles are a great way for children to develop problem solving skills along with hand eye coordination.


Recommended for Ages 3 Years +

Size: 18cm x 18cm x 1.5cm


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Dimensions 18 × 1.5 × 18 cm


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