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Wooden Shape Sorter

This sturdy 13 piece WOODEN SHAPE SORTER has a hinged lid and cord carry handle. Makes a lovely 1st Birthday present for both Boys and Girls.



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Your baby will love the WOODEN SHAPE SORTER by quality toy manufacturer Tooky Toy.

It’s great fun to watch the shape disappear as it’s posted through the hole in the box. Lift the lid and the shape reappears! The concept of object permanence is hard for young children to understand and posting activities help to develop this cognitive skill.

Your child can:

  • Carry the WOODEN SHAPE SORTER around by the cord handle
  • Lift the lid to see what’s inside
  • Post the shapes through the holes on the top or the sides

Hand eye coordination, logical thinking and memory are being developed as young children play. Toys like this also assist with developing fine motor skills and manipulation.

The brightly painted detail has been applied using child friendly non toxic paint. This fantastic set has been manufactured using quality wood and conforms to Australian Toy Standards

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AGE: 12 Months+

SIZE: 14cm x 14cm x 13.5cm


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