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Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle

This classic Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle features the letters A-Z. Complete the puzzle in the tray or a flat surface and trace around them!


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This classic Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle features pieces with the letters A-Z in upper case, with the corresponding lower case on the base underneath.  The letters fit neatly into the wooden tray and are brightly decorated in a rainbow of colours.

Great toy for colour recognition that also introduces letters and the alphabet. Once the letters are in place, read them together left to right, encouraging early reading skills.

Why is doing a physical Alphabet puzzle beneficial? Your child can learn the alphabet on a tablet device, from reading books, playing games and singing songs. The benefit of a puzzle is that they are developing other skills at the same time. Your child has to actively concentrate on looking at the pieces to place them in the correct space. Once they have mastered the initial look of the letter and the correct place, they are developing memory skills about that letter in relation to the other pieces that make up the Alphabet. This is a more conscious way of learning the Alphabet than just reciting the letters.

Of course they are also developing fine motor skills and problem solving skills while doing the Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle.

AGE:  18mths+

SIZE:  30cm x 22.5cm x .5cm


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