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Music Benefits Babies And Toddlers In Many Different Ways!

You only have to watch a baby rock to a musical beat, or see their eyes light up when playing with a musical toy to appreciate how much they enjoy music. But it’s not until you start to research the benefits of music and musical play that you can fully understand how much they are learning at the same time.

Music Benefits Babies And Toddlers In Many Different Ways!

Scans have shown that music stimulates every area of the brain. No wonder babies and young children want to shake, tap, bang, sing, sway and dance.

I recently came across a fascinating article about how fun, informal music in the home can be more beneficial than reading. According to theconversation.com “In an analysis of data generated from a study involving more than 3,000 children, a University of Queensland team investigated the associations between informal home music education for very young children and later cognitive and social-emotional outcomes. The team found that informal music-making in the home from around the ages of two and three can lead to better literacy, numeracy, social skills, and attention and emotion regulation by the age of five.”

When you think about the modern world, babies and children are constantly exposed to many types of music. They listen to music in the car or at the shops, hear songs on their favourite TV shows, sing at playgroup and act out nursery rhymes.

Musical instrument toys are a great way for them to learn about music through play. Babies can listen to the shake of a rattle, toddlers can make lovely sounds with drums or on a xylophone and pre schoolers can start to develop rhythm with castanets.

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