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Why Should My Child Do Puzzles?

Have you ever asked yourself

Why Should My Child Do Puzzles?

Children are drawn to puzzles because they are enjoyable.

They probably don’t realise that while doing puzzles, children are developing in each of the 3 main learning areas.

Cognitive Skills

Firstly, your child is concentrating on the images and parts of images that they can see. Their understanding of the world around them and how they can manipulate that world is being developed.

They are also learning to concentrate on a task, managing to complete a  task, developing problem solving and memory skills.

Physical Skills

Your child will do peg puzzles at first with only a few large pieces to lift in and out. They are developing hand strength and their pincer grip by repeatedly picking up and replacing the puzzle pieces. The pincer grip is necessary for other fine motor tasks and writing skills.

Hand eye coordination is also being developed as your child picks up, analyses, rotates and tries to fit pieces into the puzzle.

Social & Emotional Skills

There are lots of language learning opportunities when doing puzzles. Talk to your child about what they can see in the pictures or parts of a picture. Are there things to count? Talk about the colours, shapes and objects that they may not be familiar with.

Try introducing simple instructions for them to follow. Can you turn the piece over? Try turning it around. Matching the colours might help! Is your piece upside down? Can you try turning it over. Does it fit there?

Your child’s self esteem is building as they learn to set small tasks and complete them. It may be as simple as getting the first piece in, turning all the pieces over or completing the edges.

Once they graduate from simple peg puzzles, the intricacies of jigsaw puzzles open up a new world of learning, harder challenges and a great sense of achievement.

You will find a range of children’s puzzles at I Love Wooden Toys from the easiest of peg puzzles to wooden tray puzzles.  These are generally suitable for pre school children.

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